stylink.vnStylink is a fashion social network that has integrated the simulation technology for the online dressing room and other fitting purposes. I have been part of this interesting startup project as a co-founder since 2012.

Back to those years, there is the emergence of social networking sites in many areas. Social networking for human resources, for house/apartment renting, for selling real estates, for foods, etc. and we have also joined the rising wave with a social networking site for fashion industry: the Stylink network.

At that time, the existing selling model had few major problems:

  • Customers only see pictures and information, but do not be sure if the product fits their sizes
  • It is difficult to image the combination of different sets of clothes and accessories
  • There is a lack of community feedback for their styles

We have started working on the Stylink project to aim following goals:

  • Apply modern visualization technologies to help customers see their visual as more real as possible
  • Use social networking concepts to increase the interactivity among different groups of users: providers, sellers, designers, stylists, showbiz stars, customers and fans
  • Integrate useful tools of e-commerce platform for managing sales and social marketing

Our silver bullet is the virtual dressing room, that is the combination of front-end programming and back-end image processing:

virtual dressing room

Virtual dressing room

Besides, we have other tools for styling purposes:

fitting room

Fitting room


collection designing tool

Collection designing tool


hair styling tool

Hair styling tool

The project was not successful as our dream and has been suspended in 2014. However, we will come back with another amazing project soon, and definitely I will let you know. Viva la Sonar!

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